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The benefits of remanufacturing for fleet operators - 21.06.2017

In the June issue of Fleet Magazine, the UK’s leading remanufacturer of engines, gearboxes, turbos and cylinder heads, Ivor Searle, is the featured spotlight company, which highlights the benefits to fleets of sourcing reman engines and other products.IMGP9165web.jpg

Representatives from Fleet Magazine toured Ivor Searle’s extensive remanufacturing factory in Cambridgeshire, where they were given an insight into the complex and comprehensive process of transforming old core engines, gearboxes and turbos into brand new OE specification products. Such is the level of experience and expertise in Ivor Searle’s team of skilled engineers, the business offers a 12-month unlimited mileage warranty on its engines, gearboxes and cylinder heads and a 24-month warranty on reman turbos. At any time, Ivor Searle has over 400 units in stock and once dispatched, it’s rare that products will come back, due to the company’s stringent approach to engineering excellence.
In clarifying the difference between remanufactured and reconditioned, Ivor Searle’s Commercial Director, David Eszenyi, explained that a reman engine is one that has been completely stripped down, cleaned, inspected and then rebuilt to the original specification of the manufacturer. It uses new OEM parts or equivalent and remanufactured components that have been through a painstaking process to bring them back to original standard. Once assembled and checked, every engine is then tested in one of the end of production test facility cells. To all intents and purposes, every unit leaving Ivor Searle’s facility is as new OE equivalent or in some cases better with warranty to match.
Remanufacturing is a highly efficient, cheaper and much more sustainable way to provide fleet customers with an alternative to buying new and expensive units. Typically, the remanufacturing process saves Ivor Searle’s customers 30% against the cost of procuring a brand new engine. In addition, remanufacturing saves, on average, 50 kilos of steel per engine, so it’s an effective form of recycling.
A remanufactured (reman) engine should never be confused with a reconditioned engine. A reconditioned engine only has the faulty part replaced, so is not subjected to the same high level of disassembly, cleaning, inspection, re-machining or replacement like that of an Ivor Searle precision reman unit.
Ivor Searle has developed an extensive range of high-quality products, which are suited for both car and light commercial vehicles up to four-litre capacity (both diesel and petrol). As well as reman engines, cylinder heads, turbochargers and gearboxes, Ivor Searle also offers a commercial DPF cleaning service. Its extensive ‘off the shelf’ product range of major units provides fleet controllers with a cost-effective and sustainable means of keeping vehicles on the road. With next day delivery on all stocked items guaranteed if ordered by 3.30pm, fleet businesses can be reassured by Ivor Searle’s commitment to service, backed up by an unrivalled warranty process.
Ivor Searle’s products make a logical business investment, as well as contributing to a fleet’s corporate social responsibility in regard of impact on the environment. Operating under the mantra, ‘Remanufacturing Products of Excellence’, Ivor Searle’s ethos for quality in all areas, from receiving old core units to delivering new reman products, gives you complete confidence in your fleet. Ivor Searle’s pioneering ECAT website makes it even easier for customers to search the exact unit required, by simply entering the vehicle registration.
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