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Remanufactured engines are one of the highest value products that motor factors sell to garage workshops. Ivor Searle is the UK's most experienced remanufacturer of car and van engines and has grown its business by responding to the market and looking after its customers.IMG_1594.jpg

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Ivor Searle provides garage workshops with a professional and fast turnaround DPF cleaning service, which is vastly more cost-effective than replacement with a brand new unit.

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Quality and adherence to industry standards are key factors that distinguish a remanufactured automotive major unit from an inferior reconditioned or refurbished product.  The complex process of remanufacturing an engine or component back to OEM standard requires significant investment in skills and capital equipment, let alone technical expertise and rigorous inspection procedures. IVS0164-Remanufacturing-Process-Flow.jpeg

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Ivor Searle has added remanufactured 2.0 petrol and 3.0 diesel BMW engines into its product portfolio. 

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