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FREE beanie hat with every DPF clean during January - 05.01.2018

Ivor Searle has kick-started 2018 with a promotional offer to customers ordering a professional DPF clean during January.Ivor Searle beanie hat

Baseball-hat.jpgLeading provider of reman engines, cylinder heads, gearboxes and turbochargers, Ivor Searle, is helping customers to keep out the cold this month with a special offer. Every order received during January for a DPF clean will entitle a customer to a FREE beanie hat and baseball hat, whilst stocks last.  

David Eszenyi, Ivor Searle’s Commercial Director, said:
"Our professional DPF cleaning service provides the most thorough DPF cleaning possible. Using Flash Cleaning technology the environmentally-friendly water-based process delivers as new levels of DPF cleanliness by removing all soot deposits, including PM10 particles, cerium oxide deposits and oil residues.  In addition, analysis by catalyst manufacturer Umicore has confirmed that there are no remarkable differences between a DPF cleaned using the same technology employed by Ivor Searle and installing a brand new unit.
We offer independent workshops competitive advantage by providing a low-cost quality alternative to replacing a blocked unit with a brand new DPF.  To guarantee peace of mind, all Ivor Searle professionally cleaned DPFs are provided with a detailed inspection report and are covered by a no quibble 12-month unlimited mileage warranty."
DPFs are designed to effectively self-clean in a process called regeneration where the soot is burnt off the filter at a high temperature, typically when a vehicle is travelling consistently at moderate to high engine speed.  However, if a vehicle is frequently used to travel short distances the vehicle is unlikely to produce the exhaust temperatures required to enable regeneration to take place, resulting in excessive soot build up and the DPF becoming blocked.


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