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The value of an industry leading warranty - 11.01.2022

Remanufacturing specialist, Ivor Searle, offers an industry-leading warranty and expert technical support for the UK automotive aftermarket with savings on major units of up to 40%. This article looks closely at the reman process and the value it offers.IvorSearle_stock-copy.jpg

As the global semi-conductor shortage extends into 2022, affecting the production of new cars and vans, the UK’s current vehicle parc will continue to work harder and in particular, delivery fleets will see a significant uplift in mileage due to the surge in online shopping. For consumers, the automotive aftermarket and indeed businesses across the board, rising energy prices and other costs will mean that cost benefits, value of goods and customer service will come into sharp focus.
Remanufacturing, the heart of Ivor Searle’s business since 1946, is a fundamental part of what’s called the ‘Circular Economy’, which includes activities designed to preserve natural resources by reducing energy usage and avoid landfilling.  A remanufactured engine from Ivor Searle, for example, will save around 55kg in core metal compared with producing a new block and up to 85% of an engine’s original components will be brought back to OEM specification or above, during the intensive remanufacturing process. This makes it a cost-effective alternative to manufacturing brand new, whilst also saving on raw materials and energy.
In fact, remanufacturing typically uses 85 per cent less energy than manufacturing new products and at the other end of the cycle, reduces the quantity of landfill and associated energy needed for disposal.
Despite the fact that remanufacturing has been around for more than seven decades, there’s still confusion regarding remanufacturing and reconditioning, which are fundamentally different processes.
Remanufacturing is the process whereby a product is returned to at least its original specification and performance with a warranty that is equivalent or better than that of the newly manufactured product. In contrast, a reconditioned product has been disassembled, cleaned and may have had some damaged components replaced prior to being rebuilt.
Ivor Searle gives customers an industry-leading warranty that is equivalent or better than the cover for brand-new equivalent products and this helps set it apart from competitors.  All Ivor Searle engines, cylinder heads and gearboxes have a 12-month, unlimited mileage guarantee and each product has a unique serial number.  For reman turbos, the warranty extends to 24-months. The company’s warranty process is handled centrally from its UK factory, where its team of expert sales and technical support staff are based.
Crucially, a remanufactured engine is required to meet a specific standard for it to be described as such under BSI AU 257:2002. This is a British Standard Automobile Series Code of Practice that applies to the remanufacturing of petrol and diesel engines. This does not apply to reconditioning.
The standard fully details how petrol and diesel engines and components should be inspected and checked against OEM tolerances.  BS AU257:2002 also dictates that key components, including piston assemblies, big and small end bearings, as well as bushes, gaskets, seals, timing chains and drive belts are completely renewed, while items such as tensioners and dampers are checked and replaced where necessary.
Important additional operations such as crack testing machined components or deburring reworked oilways are also required to ensure original performance is achieved with reliability.  In addition to having all key clearances and tolerances inspected after assembly, the standard also demands that completed engines are checked for oil pressure and compression.
Thanks to this rigorous process, customers purchasing a remanufactured engine, gearbox, cylinder head or turbo from Ivor Searle can be confident that they are buying a product that’s been built to a specific standard, which also has the added reassurance of a market leading warranty.  In contrast, a reconditioned engine is a unit that has been stripped or disassembled and cleaned and may have had some damaged components replaced. Put simply, reconditioning is an entirely subjective process that offers little or no reassurance to the customer in terms of longevity, warranty protection or performance to OEM standards.
With cost reduction and sustainability high on the agenda in the fleet industry, remanufacturing of major units such as engines, gearboxes, cylinder heads and turbos makes commercial sense, as well as providing peace of mind that products are covered. In a continually challenging economic climate, remanufactured units offer a competitive alternative to OEM replacement parts and Ivor Searle can save garages up to 40% on the cost of buying brand new major units.

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