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Temporary pause of COU rebuild service - 28.06.2021

Ivor Searle is suspending its Customer Own Unit remanufacturing service for a temporary period as it recruits new staff. FittingPiston_IvorSearle-copy.jpg

In order to replenish engine stocks back to their usual level, Ivor Searle is currently pausing its Customer Own Unit (COU) engine rebuild service.  The company assures potential customers that this is only a temporary situation.

Ivor Searle is actively recruiting new team members to safeguard against taking this action again in the future. We have a number of vacancies for employment at our industry-leading remanufacturing operations, where we are expanding our workforce to support customer demand for both Ivor Searle stock engines and COU rebuilds. 

Our expanding team also supports the continuing growth of the Ivor Searle remanufactured product range and the extensive car and LCV parc coverage we offer.

To find out more about our current vacancies, please visit: https://www.ivorsearle.co.uk/About/Recruitment